Custom components

Custom components (documented with Storybook)

Every web app has some degree of commonality as far as the UI components it uses are concerned. (input fields, select components, etc...). Thus, we've taken the initiative to integrate generic components a front end project requires, along with some custom ones that we'd consider helpful, within Start UI's Storybook. Each following section has its counterpart within the Storybook and will detail the different components it consists of.


Fields components for Formiz

Since we choose Formiz as our preferred library for handling forms, we've implemented the types of fields that generally appear in forms, ready to be used with Formiz, out of the box.

These include :


  • ErrorBoundary (opens in a new tab) : similar to React's ErrorBoundary, which is a component that captures JavaScript errors anywhere in its child component tree, logs those errors, and displays a fallback UI instead of the component tree that crashed. In Start UI, the fallback has been customed.
  • ErrorPage (opens in a new tab) : corresponds to a visual rendering of common error pages (404, 403...) , customised with Start UI's designs.