Start UI [web] is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for all users, regardless of the device or screen size. With a mobile-first approach, Start UI [web]'s responsive design ensures that all content, screens, and components automatically adjust to provide optimal viewing and navigation on any device. This means that whether you're accessing the platform on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can expect the same consistent and responsive experience. With Start UI [web], users have the flexibility to access and utilize all the features and functionality of the platform, regardless of device.

To make use of this responsive design in your development, you can follow Start UI [web]'s existing code by using Chakra UI for responsive management.

Chakra UI components allow you to define props according to screen size. For example, this code snippet uses the direction prop on a Stack component:

<Stack direction={{ base: "column", md: "row" }}>

In this case, the direction prop will be set to column between the base and md breakpoints, and row above.

This syntax has multiple options (opens in a new tab), is maintainable, and is the recommended way to manage Chakra UI component props depending on screen size.

Additionally, you can use the useBreakpointValue hook to define a value according to screen size. For example:

const isMobile = useBreakpointValue({ base: true, md: false });
return isMobile ? "Mobile" : "Desktop";

In this example, isMobile will be true between the base and md breakpoints, and false above. This syntax allows you to manage variables depending on screen size, which can be useful for conditions that are outside of a Chakra UI component, such as displaying different content for different screen size.