Remove Mocked API

Remove Mocked API

You can easily remove the mocked api and use your own api.

Update the enviromnent variables

  • Update the NEXT_PUBLIC_API_BASE_URL in your .env file with your api base url.
  • Remove the DATABASE_URL and AUTH_SECRET in the .env and .env.example files.
  • Remove the DATABASE_URL and AUTH_SECRET check in the .env.validator.js file.

Delete the ./app/api/jhipster-mocks and ./prisma folders

rm -rf ./app/api/jhipster-mocks
rm -rf ./prisma

In the package.json file

  • Remove the db:push, db:ui, db:seed scripts.
  • Update the postinstall script by removing the prisma generate && part. The updated postinstall script should look like this:
"postinstall": "yarn build:info && yarn theme:generate-typing",

Remove the prisma, @prisma/client, jsonwebtoken and bcrypt packages

yarn remove prisma @prisma/client jsonwebtoken bcrypt