Start UI is a set of three projects that was initiated by the BearStudio (opens in a new tab) Team and in particular by Ivan Dalmet (opens in a new tab). The purpose of those projects is to make it easier and faster to reach the business features development time on a new project, that is to say, stop wasting time putting together the standard technologies and tooling, and having a starter for it.

Here are the three projects:

  • [web] (opens in a new tab), which is the web starter related to this documentation
  • [native] (opens in a new tab), which is a React Native starter that basically does the same as the web starter but for mobile applications made with React Native.
  • [figma] (opens in a new tab), which is a Figma template that contains the same components as the web starter, which will allow you to create mockups with the components you'll find in the web starter.