This page presents the features included in Start UI that can assist you in your development, right from the project setup.

User facing app

🚀 Start UI [web] includes a "user facing" part, which aims to provide an interface usable by the end-users of your application.

Sign Up

The user sign-up functionality is already developed, using a password-less method. The user enters their email and receives a validation code via email, which they can enter in the provided field.

Sign In

Just like for account creation, the screens and mechanisms for signing in are natively developed in Start UI. Thus, users can enter their email address and receive a code that allows them to log in, avoiding the frustration of forgotten passwords.

Account management

Allowing users to manage their account, being a common feature in any application, the screens are also present, allowing the update of their name, default language, email, and more.

Admin app

The starter also includes an Administration part, which aims at providing a kind of backoffice to the platform admin.

User management

From the project's creation, the administrator can manage the user list through a paginated interface, with the ability to activate/deactivate a user, edit their information, view their details, and change their permissions.

CRUD sample

With the aim of accelerating development, an example of managing a basic entity has been implemented in the "Repository" section. This example demonstrates how to perform a complete CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) process, from front-end to back-end (including the database).

Easy development

We believe the core value of Start UI lies in its foundation and the technologies integrated into the starter kit. Repeatedly setting up these technologies in every new project is a waste of time, so Start UI incorporates these technologies and tools in their latest versions.

Database management

With Prisma as one of the integrated technologies in the starter, it's possible to manage data using the ORM, and benefit from developer tools like Prisma Studio (opens in a new tab), the data browsing interface.

Custom components

Start UI integrates default components, such as DataList, ConfirmMenuItem, or DayPicker. These components once again accelerate development. They can be viewed in the Storybook (opens in a new tab), which helps document and demonstrate their usage.


The user interfaces of Start UI are responsive by default.


With ChakraUI integrated into the starter, customizing the application's theme is straightforward, including changing colors, spacing, font sizes, etc.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode functionality is available by default, with the project's foundation designed to easily implement this feature.

API documentation

An API documentation (opens in a new tab) is available in the admin interface through OpenAPI and Stoplight, allowing you to view all API routes and test endpoint calls.

Email templating

React Email enables Start UI to offer tools for developing email templates in real-time.


Start UI by default integrates two layouts (customer facing app and admin interface), allowing developers to start without having to work on page arrangement, headers, etc.