Getting Started

Getting Started


Create your project

pnpm create start-ui --web myApp

That will scaffold a new folder with the latest version of 🚀 Start UI [web] 🎉


  1. Duplicate the .env.example file to a new .env file, and update the environment variables
cp .env.example .env

Quick advices for local development
DON'T update the EMAIL_SERVER variable, because the default value will be used to catch the emails during the development.

  1. Install dependencies
pnpm install
  1. Setup and start the db with docker
pnpm dk:init

Don't want to use docker?
Setup a PostgreSQL database (locally or online) and replace the DATABASE_URL environment variable. Then you can run pnpm db:push to update your database schema and then run pnpm db:seed to seed your database.


# Run the database in Docker (if not already started)
pnpm dk:start
# Run the development server
pnpm dev